Devoted Spouses offers three to eight week workshops specifically designed to be life-changing in a safe, fun and transparent environment.  We would love to see you at our next workshop!


Devoted Spousesseminars provide an opportunity for couples to take an important time out from the daily demands of life to be biblically encouraged and strengthened through a variety of educational resources.  

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Small Groups

Devoted Spousessmall groups provides couples with the kind of accountability and support needed to mature individually and collectively for marital or relationship growth.  

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Marriage and Relationship Nurturing Opportunities

God desires for the husband and wife to live in harmony and in unity as they model Christ and His Bride (The Church.)  This will allow the husband and wife to experience God's ultimate plan and blessings intended for their marriage relationship.  Invest in your marriage today by joining like-minded couples as we learn together how to proactively invest in our spouse. 

1.  Does Devoted Spouses charge for Services?

          We do not charge for services, however, we do accept donations of any amount for sustainability and  scholarships for those who are experiencing financial hardship.

2.  Does Devoted Spouses give legal advice?

​       No, Devoted Spouses only offers our opinion as it relates to mentorship, relationship education and coaching.

3.  How is Devoted Spouses funded?

​         Devoted Spouses is funded through private donations.

4. Who can participate in a Devoted Spouses workshop, seminar or a marriage/relationship nurturing event?

         Devoted Spouses is for married couples, engaged or seriously dating couples, and couples of all ages.

No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together.

coaching / Mentoring

Terome and Ronda offer marriage/relationship coaching and mentoring to couples who desire a loving and lasting marriage relationship.  They give couples a safe place to turn to as they learn to negotiate marital or relationship circumstances.  

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collaboration and partnership

Devoted Spouses' goal is to collaborate and partner with churches, social service agencies, businesses, government agencies, individuals and couples who have a strong desire to strengthen the vital bond of marriage for the greater good of the family and community.  Partner with Devoted Spouses to impact marriage for the next generation to come.